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Jerusalem is a city that is revered and cherished around the world and is also the heart and soul of the Jewish people - the eternal capital. The Jerusalem Foundation, understanding the universality of Jerusalem and its importance as the focal point for Jews worldwide for more than 3,000 years, is at the forefront of efforts to ensure that Jerusalem will become a modern, open, and vibrant city, while at the same time preserving the history of the city.

All citizens of Jerusalem reap the rewards from the efforts of the Jerusalem Foundation on a daily basis. Projects include:

community centers ... sports complexes ... parks ... children's playgrounds ... libraries ... theaters ... museums ... arts schools ... central science labs ... homes for the elderly. The landscape of Jerusalem is enriched by other Foundation-led projects such as the Biblical Zoo and the Cinematheque.

For more than 40 years, the Jerusalem Foundation has pioneered much of the archaeological discovery and preservation projects including the City of David excavations, the major gates of the Old City Walls, the Tower of David Museum, and much more.

Donors to The Jerusalem Foundation support these efforts.

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