Client:Israel Cancer Research Fund
Date:August 05, 2014

Israel Cancer Research Fund

ICRF supports groundbreaking cancer research conducted by outstanding scientists in Israel.

CHALLENGE #1: Persuade board that after a 3-year hiatus, it was time to resurrect and breathe new life into what was a very robust acquisition campaign

SURPRISE:  We “found” 31 lists (412,600 exchange records) owed to ICRF

CHALLENGE #2:  When exchanged names ran out and many “Tier One” lists were unavailable as rentals: How to convince the board to begin exchanging— especially since 141,600 owed exchange records would need to be repaid

CHALLENGE #3:  There was an understanding that ICRF had posted a privacy policy that would preclude ICRF from exchanging names—but extensive research did not support this understanding

1) First 2 mailings realized savings of $9,675 by exchanging instead of renting
2) Would be able to continue acquiring many “Tier One” lists—most of which
did not rent

RESULT: First acquisition performed well above industry standards (greater than 1%) and continued to out-perform other acquisition packages when tested in subsequent mailings, thanks to the lists ICRF was able to acquire by exchanging