Date:August 04, 2014

One Family Fund

High Holiday Appeals  •   First Mail Date:  August 2012

OneFamily Fund is Israel’s premier organization that helps rebuild the lives of Israel’s victims of terror, providing financial and therapeutic programs for thousands of victims and their families, helping them along their arduous journeys from a life filled with extreme loss and pain, to one of greater hope for the future


  • Develop, create, and mail exciting renewal and acquisition direct mail packages; two versions of same package
  • Guide OneFamily as they engaged in their first and subsequent acquisition appeals
  • Identify and broker exchange lists from other organizations whose donors would likely be responsive to OneFamily Fund’s mission


  • Site visit to OneFamily headquarters in Jerusalem
  • Interviewed chairman and president of the organization
  • Profiled story of a young boy who lost his leg during a terrorist attack—his mother and siblings were also killed.  OneFamily helped him become the productive young man he is today
  • Wrote letter and edited, reformatted, and redesigned previously existing brochure


  • Renewal: Out-performed expectations both in dollars raised and response rates
  • Acquisition: Out-performed expectations both in dollars raised and resp.  Rates
  • Excellent results repeated when package was remailed YE12 and again in 2013