Client:The Jerusalem Foundation
Date:August 05, 2014

The Jerusalem Foundation

High Holiday Appeals  •  First Mail Date:  September 2012

Unquestionably, Jerusalem is revered and cherished around the world. The Jerusalem Foundation understands the universality of the city as well as its importance to Jews worldwide.  It is at the forefront of efforts to ensure that Jerusalem will remain modern and open, while preserving its majestic history.  The Foundation promotes and supports hundreds of programs and services which benefit residents and visitors alike.


  •   Develop, create, and mail exciting an eye-opening  package from Jerusalem’s mayor.
  •   Create an acquisition package in the following year that would cost less/m and still
    yield good results.

CHALLENGE:  We were not able to directly interview the mayor.


  •   Met with and interviewed Foundation leadership in New York and in Jerusalem.
  •    Visited Foundation projects throughout Jerusalem.
  •    Attended a speech given by the mayor when he was in the U.S.
  •   Created the package based on information from his speech, research, and supplied
    materials to create an engaging renewal mailing.
  •   Mailed to multies from previous acquisition mailing in an effort to attract new
    donors, precluding the expense of acquiring new lists. 
  •   For acquisition, updated renewal letter and converted package to two colors, using duotones
    to add depth to grayscale images.


  •   Renewal: Out-performed expectations both in dollars raised and response rates.
  •   Acquisition: Out-performed expectations both in dollars raised and response rates.
    Excellent results repeated when package was remailed YE12 and again in 2013.