Jodee Silver

I first met Andi in 2004, along with four other Met Council colleagues.  She and Leo Wind showed us their presentation and we were immediately impressed with their work and client list.  Our decision to hire ADS was unanimous.

          We were also impressed by their passion for their work, and their compassion for our mission: To help people in need through our wide range of programs and services.

          I had just been assigned the direct mail portfolio and frankly, did not know much about it.  And, for a host of reasons, we had to start from square one.

          ADS was with us every step of the way, guiding us, and teaching us. They really know their business.  Not only is Andi knowledgeable about all aspects of direct mail—from mailing list management and brokerage, to graphic design, creative concept, production, and execution—she does it with great warmth and dedication.

          Although Met Council is a large organization, our non-program staff is relatively small.  I wear a lot of hats, and my time is spread very thin.  When I was first assigned this additional and significant responsibility, I was very concerned about how I would manage everything on my plate.  Happily, I found that ADS was able to relieve me of a lot of the pressure with their hands-on and supportive style.  ADS is always there for us.

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